OmniWatch by Spook

Environmental and Power Monitoring

Whether you need to monitor your IT environment such as temperature, humidity and water ingress with network attached monitoring devices or need to measure power metrics like amps, kilowatts and volts with intelligent power strips, OmniWatch is a bespoke solution like no other.

Developed upon our award winning Most Innovative Solution at the industry leading CIR Business Continuity Awards, we monitor any network-attached equipment.

That's why the majority of our customers have added their UPS, generators, AC units and more. And for those disparate systems that are not network attached, like fire suppressant, water detection and building management systems; we can interface with those too, providing an outstanding joined-up end user experience.

Environmental and power monitoring solution
Key features

OmniWatch has been built to have a joined-up end user experience

Access Anywhere

Designed to be used on desktop PCs, tables and smart phones.

Multiple devices

Support for over 40 manufacturers, viewable on the same dashboard.


Set trip levels on sensors and be alerted 24/7 by email, SMS and call centre.

All readings

Unlike a conventional data logger OmniWatch stores every reading forever.

Trusted by our customers

Used to monitor over 200 locations with over 4000 sensors

We have been using Spook for many years, trying to implement and establish our own monitoring has never proven successful, as we are not experts in this area. Importantly Spook is cost effective.

The biggest benefit of Spook is the comfort that whatever time of day or night, we will receive telephone calls from a human to alert us to problems, nothing else we have found will give us this service, and like most busy IT Professionals we will sleep through an SMS message at 3am.

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Bespoke solutions

Each solution is tailored to a clients exact needs

Server room and data centre fully managed monitoring solution

Fully Managed Solution

For organisations that have never implemented monitoring and need a complete end-to-end award winning solution.

Server room and data centre monitoring co-managed solution

Co-managed Solution

For organisation that have already invested in monitoring hardware and need a joined-up award winning solution.

Demo sign up

If you wish to have a demo of the service please let us know


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