Case studies

Endsleigh Insurance fully managed solution using Geist Watchdog monitoring devices.

  • Spook provided hardware:
  • Geist Watchdog 1200s x2
  • Socomec UPS x1
  • Total 44 sensors
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Financial Express co-managed solution using The Climate monitoring devices.

  • Client provided hardware:
  • Climate CM10s x2
  • Emerson UPSs x3
  • Total 82 sensors
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Olympia London co-managed solution using Jacarta interSeptor monitoring devices.

  • Client provided hardware:
  • Jacarta interSeptor / Pro x3
  • Riello UPS x1
  • Total 34 sensors
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Spook sample industry sectors

Spook's customers remain the most loyal in the industry. With an average contract term of 14 years and growing it’s rare for a client to leave. In fact, a recent audit revealed that those that have left have done so for factors outside their control.

It’s true that monitoring requirements do change over time. As IT departments evolve sometimes on-site IT moves off-site for example when co-location services or cloud services are adopted. This may reduce the original monitoring requirement but it does not exclude it. In fact, in Spook’s experience the remaining on-site communication hubs become more critical as businesses need to ensure continuance of secure, fast IT services to its employees and customers.

Here are some example Spook customer industry sectors:

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