OmniWatch dashboards

Custom, pre-built and intuitive

OmniWatch real-time responsive dashboards

There is much more to successful remote monitoring than installing out-of-the-box software. All our customers have their own distinctive dynamics for monitoring.

Omniwatch dashboards are designed to provide users instant and easy access to their monitored locations

OmniWatch dashboards are designed for users to know the health and stability of their sensors and monitored equipment at any time and in any place. Being cloud based means access is secure via internet enabled device, ideal for monitoring remotely and whilst on the move.

Designing and maintaining dashboards can be daunting, that's why we design them and manage them on your behalf. With nearly twenty years experience, our knowledge of ensuring meaningful information is presented in an easy to use and intuitive way is key to end user satisfaction.

Disparate equipment monitoring

OmniWatch can monitor various sensors and equipment types and merge them into a single cohesive digital interface, no longer making users reliant on countless different apparatus connections across the network.

OmniWatch is manufacturer independent and supports multiple protocols such as SNMP, JSON, BACnet, XML and Modbus.

Disparate equipment monitoring
Cellular router

New to monitoring or needing to supplement existing monitoring?

Spook will work with you to identify what your monitoring needs are, secure the required hardware and install it. With nearly 20 years in the industry Spook is truly independent of hardware manufacturer and equipment type.

We had a series of LAN based environmental monitors and UPS systems across our five regional server rooms. We needed to look for ways of moving the monitoring solution away from our LAN/WAN infrastructure for security reasons. Spook managed the whole process by providing a series of cellular routers that were preconfigured to work with our hardware within a tight timescale (2-weeks in December 2019). They knew our IT teams were working on other projects and that we were juggling holiday cover leading up to the New year. Spook ensured the migration was a simple plug-and-play solution with little or no involvement from us.

Craig Amer - NHS BSA Team Manager

OmniWatch is perfect for real-time environmental and power monitoring

User rights

OmniWatch comes pre-configured with user rights. Various departments may be involved in reacting to alerts. For example a refrigeration alarm may need to inform both the maintenance/service company and those that use the equipment on site; whereas a water alert in an IT server room may need to be handled by the facilities department instead of the IT department.

OmniWatch automatically filters alerts and provides refined dashboards to authorised users and relevant departments/regions. For instance, a person in a particular region may only need to see their location whereas a global view may need to be accessed by a central management team.

Adjustable sensor settings

Spook recognises similar sensors may need different settings dependent where they are installed. For example a temperature sensor near an air conditioning unit may need lower alarm trip values when compared to a similar sensor located near to a heat source.

All sensor settings are adjustable and are changed via the individual sensor interface on the real-time sensor dashboard.

Measuring power

For organisations that need to monitor power, automated calculations can be made from the various power metrics. For instance, real time load balancing ensures power is not overloaded on a particular circuit or power strip; whilst understanding the stranded power (spare power available) across multiple power strips can be invaluable when needing to maximise power usage.

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Alerting service

Auto-generated alerts

When viewing the digital dashboard, if a sensor reaches it set alarm condition it turns red to represent it is in an alarm state. This triggers the 3-tier alarm escalation procedure.

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Alarm fatigue

Digital sensors are rarely static unlike analogue sensors (on/off or open/closed conditions). Digital sensors are used when measuring the climate for temperature and humidity and collecting power metrics such as amps and kilowatts.

These sensors often produce sawtooth readings. This is fine if the values are not near a pre-set alarm trip. However if the sensor reading hunts above and below an alarm point many alerts can be generated and these can become annoying or more importantly ignored.

OmniWatch provides an easy way to change either the alarm trip value, for instance temporarily raising the alarm point; or increasing a time delay to stop sawtoothing, for example if a sensor is hunting above and below an alarm point every 30 seconds, by extending the alarm delay above 30 seconds will reduce the frequency of alarms.

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