OmniWatch installation plans

Spook publishes an installation plan for every monitored location

This is important because when an alarm happens, the ability to swiftly identify the offending sensor provides valuable early warnings and thinking time in order to take remedial action.

By identifying where the physical sensor is within a location means staff can take remedial action before the situation causes bigger problems. For example, a rapid temperature increase of a temperature sensor near an air conditioning unit may indicate a problem that, if left un-noticed, could cause equipment failures or equipment auto shut downs.

Installation plans
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Installation plan publication

Because creating an installation plan can be time consuming, Spook does this on your behalf. The installation plan does not need to be drawn to scale, but simply be able to reflect the monitored footprint in a way that makes it easy for end users to identify sensors at short notice.

Customer designed plans

The majority of Spook customers have had an installation plan drawn in the past as part of an overall building plan of a premises or of the room as it was built. Even though these may be out of date, Spook can use these as a template to accurately represent the room locations and sensor installations.

It's important to ensure the installation plan is fairly accurate. Therefore, if there are any changes to the physical room or fabric of the building you can simply hand amend the original plan and send to Spook for modification and publication.

Free updates

Because Spook recognises the importance of accurate representation of the associated installation plans there is no charge for any amendments.

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