OmniWatch monitoring solutionDisaster recovery and disaster avoidance solution

Take remedial action before having to invoke disaster recovery plans because prevention is better than cure.

OmniWatch lifetime statistics

Total readings

>600 million

Total alarms


Critical alarms

11000/18000 62%

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity is a mature and necessary industry.

Disaster recovery is about getting key IT infrastructure and operations up and running after an unplanned IT outage whereas Business Continuity involves getting the entire organisation back to full functionality after a crisis.

CIR award

Winner - CIR Business Continuity Awards 'Most Innovative Solution of the Year'

Spook's pedigree in disaster recovery solutions

The founding directors of Spook have an excellent pedigree in business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR). Spook's approach to developing a leading monitoring solution with a bias to disaster prevention is soundly based on the company mantra "prevention is better than cure".

This lets Spook customers act immediately to key changes and address issues long before they escalate into something more serious.

Spook customers can focus on their day jobs and sleep easier knowing that their critical IT infrastructure is being monitored by industry specialists that care.

Prevention is better than cure

Spook’s monitoring service, OmniWatch, is designed with disaster avoidance in mind rather than disaster recovery.

With over half of OmniWatch’s alarms proving critical means Spook customers can take remedial action before having to invoke their disaster recovery plans.

By knowing there is an issue in the early stages gives valuable thinking and reaction time to busy IT staff.

For instance sometimes even the simplest actions like opening doors and windows or installing temporary fans if air conditioning fails and temperatures rise can be enough to get things under control and address the problem.

Even the best planned and tested disaster recovery policies can cause problems if invoked at short notice.

'Spook's OmniWatch service alerted us to a water leak from a kitchen adjacent to our server room over the weekend. We were able to deal with the problem rather than waiting to face the issue during the working week. We are certain this stopped us needing to invoke our DR procedure.'

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Spook’s OmniWatch Monitoring Solution - first line of defence for disaster avoidance

Most IT managers understand the pressures on a busy IT department. Project design and implementation programs demanded by the business to the IT department means time and resource is precious.

A recent poll of Spook customers confirmed that less than 50% tested their disaster recovery plans regularly. They prefer to rely on Spook’s OmniWatch monitoring solution to be their first line of defence against disaster recovery invocations.

Spook customers know that by subscribing to Spook’s OmniWatch environmental management service means they are being protected by a leading service provider that specialises in environmental and power monitoring.

They value that Spook are industry specialists in monitoring server rooms and rest assured Spook OmniWatch is the best disaster recovery management tool to protect their interests while they concentrate on the demands of their users and customers.

CountryTotal lost revenue

Spook OmniWatch Monitoring Service stops exposure to post-downtime pressure

According to various reports and studies up to 80% of data centres do not have adequate or in some cases any back-up power generation facility. Therefore the potential financial cost of such disruption is significant.

A CA Technologies study found that €17 billion in revenue is being lost in each year in the time taken to recover from unplanned IT downtime. The study also comments that ‘post-downtime’ there is an additional delay during which time data is still being recovered and that during the post-outage period, company revenue generation is still severely hampered, down by an average of 25%.

As previously suggested, most IT managers know that the pressures on a busy IT department coupled with project design and implementation programs from IT to the business means time and resource is precious. As a result, subjects like a server room environmental monitoring management service, albeit important, often get overlooked or neglected until the business suffers a problem.

Spook customers know that by subscribing to Spook’s leading monitoring service, OmniWatch, means they have a perfect solution to ensure they are being protected 24/7.

They value that Spook are industry specialists in monitoring server rooms and rest assured Spook is looking after their interests while they concentrate on the demands of their users and customers.

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