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An award winning monitoring solution which brings all your monitoring requirements together for an outstanding end-user experience.

About OmniWatch

Whether you need to monitor your IT environment such as temperature, humidity and water ingress with network attached monitoring devices or need to measure power metrics like amps, kilowatts and volts with intelligent power strips, OmniWatch is a bespoke solution like no other.

Developed upon our award winning 'Most Innovative Solution' at the industry leading CIR Business Continuity Awards, OmniWatch monitors any network-attached equipment. That's why the majority of Spook customers have added their UPS, generators, AC units and more.

For those disparate systems that are not network attached, like fire suppressant, water detection and building management systems; Spook can interface with those too, providing an outstanding joined-up end user experience.

It’s Spook’s job to let you know of a problem before it escalates to a disaster. OmniWatch customers focus on their day jobs and sleep easier knowing that their critical IT infrastructure is being monitored 24/7.

Prevention is better than cure

Real-time alerts 24/7 guaranteed

Alerts are sent in real-time and follow omniWatch’s 3-tier alarm escalation process. If emails and SMS messages fail Spook’s UK based call centre will make contact directly to ensure customers are aware of the issue.

Below is a summary of each alarm stage.

Alerting system

Stage 1: Email

An auto-email is sent to all on-call staff announcing the alarm.

Emails contain:

  • Alarm description, real-time reading (date/time) and sensor location.
  • Trend data from the last 10 recorded values to allow easy trend analysis.
  • A list of all staff members to whom the email was broadcast to.

When the alarm is acknowledged an update email is sent to the client on-call staff confirming matters and lets them know which team member is working on the matter.

If the email is not acknowledged the alarm escalates to 2-way SMS.

By acknowledging the alarm the escalation procedure is ceased.

Email alerting solution
SMS alerting solution

Stage 2: SMS

An SMS message is sent to all on-call staff.

SMS messages contain:

  • Alarm description, real-time reading (date/time) and sensor location.
  • A request to reply "OK" to acknowledge the alarm.

If the SMS is not replied to the alarm escalates to Stage 3: Spook’s UK based call centre.

Stage 3: call centre

A UK call centre agent telephones customer on-call staff in the order they are listed on the rota.

The agent will:

  • Confirm they are talking to the correct person.
  • Give the alarm description, real-time reading (date/time) and sensor location.
  • Confirm the alert and add notes to the system including any requested by the person contacted.

The agent's details are recorded and full details are posted to OmniWatch's alarm log confirming whom they spoke to and the nature of the message.

If required, an audio recording of the discussion can be requested by the customer.

If the agent can't get through or the call goes to voice mail they will leave a message and explain they will call the next person on the rota.

If the rota is exhausted with no option to speak to anyone an email is broadcast to staff to explain this.

Phone alert solution

Additional alarm updates

Additional Emails are broadcasted to all on-call staff when:

All details of the alarm are recorded within OmniWatch’s Alarm Log for post-alarm analysis.

Over half of OmniWatch alarms are critical

OVER 50%

of Spook customers alarms are associated with critical sensors. This gives them valuable early warnings and lets them react to matters before they become problems.

Don’t wait for an incident to occur before considering the benefits of OmniWatch.

The air conditioning units failed in the late evening and at that time of night it's not surprising that staff were not on site, or due to be so for the next 9 or 10 hours. As the temperature in the room started to rise OmniWatch automatically sent SMS and e-mail alerts to our on-call team and this was supported by a call from Spook’s call centre. No other monitoring service provides such a comprehensive list of emergency contact options. It’s not difficult to sleep through an email or SMS overnight but having a human contact us when all else has fails is invaluable.

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