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Spook wireless monitoring

Wireless gateways

Ethernet gateway

Your gateway to seamless wireless sensor monitoring

Spook's ethernet wireless gateways are the key to collecting sensor readings from Spook’s range of wireless sensors without the need for a PC.

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Wireless sensors

Spook wireless sensors arrive pre-configured and have on-board on/off switches making installation extremely easy. Just switch on the sensor and access Spook's secure cloud based remote monitoring service, called OmniWatch, via any internet enabled device.

With over 80 sensor types there is little Spook wireless sensors can not monitor. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Accelerometers and vibration monitoring

Alternating current (AC) monitoring

Air quality monitoring

Airflow monitoring

Boundary and IR monitoring

Button press monitoring

Dew point monitoring

Dry contact monitoring

Food probe monitoring

Gas monitoring

Humidity monitoring

Light meter monitoring

Motion monitoring

Open/closed monitoring

Pressure monitoring

Propane monitoring

Soil moisture monitoring

Temperature monitoring

Thermocouple monitoring

3 phase current monitoring

Vehicle detection

Volts direct current (VDC) monitoring

Water monitoring

Secure monitoring solution

Wireless sensors security

Where other devices operate on non-proprietary communication protocols (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee), Spook wireless sensors and gateways operate using different frequency bands so they cannot be used to eavesdrop on the radio communications.

In addition a robust packet tampering evaluation routine is used to ensure that traffic isn't altered between the sensors and the gateways and this enables a check for well-formed data packets that only originated from the correct enabled devices.

To further protect data there are algorithms that protect against spoofing and re-transmission of wireless data packets.

The wireless sensors use a frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS). They also use Encrypt-RFTM bank level security, featuring a 256-bit exchange to establish a global unique key and an AES-128 CTR for all data messages. Therefore security is maintained at all communication points from sensor to gateway, gateway to Spook servers and back again.

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