Wireless asset monitoring sensor

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Spook wireless asset sensors trace the movement of assets within a facility. OmniWatch sends an alert if an asset is removed from the operating range of the wireless gateway.

Additionally, the sensor can detect the presence of a magnetic strip on an asset. If the magnetic source is broken, the asset sensor will send an alert.

Asset monitoring sensor

Did you know?

Did you know

The reed switch was invented in 1936 and patented in 1941 by Walter B. Ellwood who was employed by Bell Telephone Laboratories. Walter was trying to design a cheap and easily replaceable relay for switching telecommunications traffic and came up with the design.

The contacts of a reed switch are set to normally open (NO) and when the magnetic field of the reed switch is broken it changes to normally closed (NC). The reed is the metal part inside the switch and is relatively thin and wide in order to make it flexible. It resembles parts of some reed plants like the bull rush hence its name.

Walter B. Ellwood (B: 1902 - D: 10th December 1965)

Potential uses for wireless asset monitoring sensors

  • Assets
  • Machinery
  • Artwork
  • Precious materials
  • Rental tools
  • Construction site assets
  • Agricultural machinery

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