Wireless button press sensor

Coin cell | AA

Spook's wireless button sensor detects when the button has been pressed triggering a notification from OmniWatch.

When the button is pressed an on-board LED confirms Spook's response and an alert is invoked.

Air quality sensor

Did you know?

Did you know

In 1916 educator and activist Dorothy Canfield Fisher lamented the fact that so often in modern America 'one may press a button and be served'. She went on to explain the responsibilities 'behind the button'. She warned that the electric button would cause the wheels of initiative to be broken, or at least become rusty from long disuse. She cautioned that 'button pressers' did not understand the mechanical processes that happened behind the scenes and therefore they would lose all ability to navigate in the world.

Dorothy Canfield Fisher (B: 17th February 1879 - D: 9th November 1958)

Potential uses for wireless AC sensors

  • Hotel/motel front desk call button
  • Restroom service/clean-up request button
  • Service request button
  • Custodial personnel assistance
  • Access call Button
  • Service verification