Wireless gas detection sensor


Spook has a range of gas sensors but the most popular is Spook's wireless carbon monoxide (CO) sensor. The sensor is a MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems) based device and has a range of 0–1,000 PPM (Particles Per Million). The sensors can be customised on their sensitivity and send alerts even if the level of CO in an area is not dangerous.

  • ± 1 PPM resolution
  • Accurate to ± 2%(equating to 1 PPM)
Carbon monoxide sensor

Did you know?

Did you know

Arnold of Villanova (c. 1235–1311) almost certainly discovered there was a poisonous gas formed by the burning of wood and although unknown this gas was almost certainly carbon monoxide. However, English chemist Joseph Priestly recognised their was a difference between carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide both of which are a by product of burning wood and fossil fuels.

Joseph Priestly (B: 24th March 1733 - D: 6th February 1804)

Potential uses for wireless carbon monoxide (CO) sensors

  • Gas ranges and ovens
  • Gas clothes dryers
  • Furnaces
  • Fireplaces
  • Grills
  • Space heaters
  • Vehicle Exhaust
  • Water heaters
  • Farms
  • Animal husbandry
  • Poultry farms

Related sensors

Hydrogen sulphide sensor
Hydrogen sulphide (H2S)
  • AA
Carbon dioxide sensor
Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • AA

Potential uses for wireless hydrogen sulphide sensors

  • Petroleum
  • Natural gas
  • Sewage
  • Silos
  • Waste dumps
  • Ground reclamation
  • Recycling depots
  • Construction sites

Potential uses for wireless carbon dioxide sensors

  • Power station flue gas
  • Natural gas fired boilers
  • Gas turbines
  • Oil fired boilers
  • Coal fired boilers
  • Blast furnace gas
  • Cement kiln off-gas
  • Farms
  • Milking parlours
  • Oil refinery and petrochemical plant fired heaters

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