Wireless light meter sensor

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Spook wireless light meters measure light in LUX. LUX is a standardised measurement where 1 LUX is equal to one lumen per square metre. A lumen is calculated as a measure of the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source over a unit of time.

Spook's wireless light metre measures the intensity of light from 0–83,000 LUX, plus recording a reading of light or no light. By default, the sensor reading is triggered on LUX.

The sensor uses a highly sensitive photo-diode to detect and measure the intensity of light in an area.

Light meter sensor

Did you know?

Did you know

Hioki E.E. Corporation of Japan developed the first LUX meter in 1979 and went on to develop a range of industry leading digital light meters to measure luminance in applications for lighting installations.

Potential uses for wireless light meter sensors

  • Property light and electricity management
  • Greenhouse solar and light tracking
  • Art gallery light metering
  • Museum light metering
  • Security

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