Wireless propane tank level sensor


Spook's wireless propane tank level sensor monitors the level of a propane in a tank or container. As the propane level reduces, so does the reading. The sensor converts the reading into a percentage of propane remaining in the tank.

The sensor assumes that the container is uniform in width to ensure accurate propane level monitoring. If the propane level falls to below approximately 10% it will report empty. If the propane level is above 80% then the sensor reports full.

When the propane liquid gets cold enough the tank next to the liquid gets colder than the tank next to the air above. The magnets of the sensor measure the temperature of the tank rather than directly measuring the actual liquid level.

Note: a R3D gauge is required for the sensor to operate, these can be retro-fitted if the tank does not already have one. The Rochester Remote Ready Dial, R3D® – LP, is a magnetically-driven, Hall Effect compatible dial.

Propane monitoring

Did you know?

Did you know

The Hall-effect is named after the physicist Edwin Hall who discovered the effect while he was studying a doctoral degree at University. In 1879 he discovered that when a conductor or semiconductor with current flowing in one direction was introduced perpendicular to a magnetic field a voltage could be measured at right angles to the current path.

Edwin Hall (B: 7th November 1855 - D: 20th November 1938)

Potential uses for wireless propane sensors

  • Construction sites
  • Remote tanks
  • Farms
  • Agricultural organisations
  • Rural areas

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