Wireless vehicle detection sensor


Spook's wireless vehicle detect/counter is a pneumatic sensor that detects the presence of a vehicle or count oncoming traffic as they pass over the 9 foot pneumatic tube. Simply install the sensor and switch it on with the magnet on/off switch. The sensor can be set to counting or detecting mode.

Included with the sensor kit is:

  • 9 foot hose
  • Signal hose anchor
  • Mounting spikes
  • Mounting hardware
  • 3V industrial battery (pre-installed)

For ultrasonic sensor vehicle detection consider Spook's wireless ultrasonic sensors. They measure distances between the sensor and objects in its path. The sensors auto-adapt to variable environmental conditions and compensate for changes in temperature and humidity.

Vehicle detection sensor

Potential uses for wireless vehicle detection sensors

  • Parking garages
  • Automotive services
  • Fleet vehicle management
  • Delivery areas
  • Security
  • Construction sites
  • Logistics
  • Access points
  • Road vehicle surveillance
  • Congestion surveillance

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