Cellular Router Technology

We now enter the realms of 5G technology which is set to revolutionise how we approach communications and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Wireless power management bundle

Spook's wireless power management bundle is designed for organisations that need to measure the power metrics for AC power to assist load balancing and determine the health of the incoming mains power.

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Spook's Transportable RIG (TRIG) is specially designed to provide environmental and security monitoring while in transit or for static areas that require temporary monitoring.

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Wired vs wireless sensor monitoring for your server room

Wireless and wired monitoring both have their own benefits over the other. Knowing these benefits helps to make an informed decision when considering which is best for you.

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Fully managed or co-managed

Spook customers range from businesses that have already installed environmental hardware and network devices to organisations that are considering monitoring for the first time.

Either way Spook can help.