Remote wireless monitoring

Vigil+ wireless monitoring solution

Wireless freedom with the Internet of Things (IoT)

VIGIL+ is specifically designed to provide affordable wireless freedom for quick and hassle free monitoring.

Spook understands not every company has an engineer available to set up complicated systems and make sure everything is functioning correctly.

VIGIL+ arrives pre-configured and have on-board on/off switches making installation extremely easy. Just turn on the kit and access the secure user dashboards from any internet enabled device.

Real-time alarms

Spook's alarm escalation procedure is the most comprehensive in the industry. Alerts are sent in real-time via email and 2-way SMS.

The emergency alarm procedure is fully customisable and can be:


Alarms from a specific location can be directed to regional staff.

Whereas the global IT team may want to be involved or simply have access to all alerts to ensure staff are responding appropriately.


Alarms can be distributed to specific departments.

For example, high temperature alerts may need to be handled by the IT team whereas water alerts may need to be sent to the facilities department.

Dynamic on-call rotas

All alerts can be designed to vary how emergency client personnel are contacted throughout the day (e.g. specific staff in office hours and separate emergency personnel for all other times).

On-call staff members can also be managed easily by making changes to individual team members availability by a simple one click function clearly marking their record as available or not.

24/7 Call Centre escalation

If there is no confirmation of receipt for the alarm(s) they are further escalated to Spook's UK based 24/7 call centre.

An agent is tasked with calling emergency staff on alternative mobile phones and/or landlines to ensure they are aware of the alert.

Wireless sensor data collection

Each wireless sensor contains its own on-board memory. Readings are collected locally on the wireless sensor and constantly monitored for fluctuations.

If the readings are within the alarm notification levels they are passed to the VIGIL+ gateway every 10 minutes, this ensures maximum battery life is achieved.

However, if the reading is above or below the desired values the data is transmitted immediately via the VIGIL+ gateway to the off-site VIGIL+ servers.

Data processing

When the sensor readings are received by Spook's servers they are compared against the relevant individual alarm settings.

If the readings are within the alarm value the data is stored for future reference.

If the readings are outside the alarm value VIGIL+ invokes the alarm escalation procedure.

VIGIL+ Long range wireless sensors

By investing in wireless sensor technology the VIGIL+ installation is simple. Just position the sensors and turn them on for instant access to your secure internet dashboards.

With a wireless sensor battery life of 10 years or more, expensive battery replacement processes are a thing of the past. Go here to learn more.

Available sensors

Over 70 sensor types are available but here are some of the most popular.

MeasurementFunctionalitySensor examplesUse cases
Proximity/PositionDetect and respond to angular or linear position of deviceRFID, linear position sensors, GPS position sensors, location findingLand management; natural resource/wildlife management; illegal activity tracking
Motion/Velocity/ DisplacementDetect movement outside of component within sensor rangeUltrasonic proximity, optical reflective sensors, Passive infrared (PIR), inductive proximity, accelerometers, gyroscopesEmergency preparedness; land management; illegal activity tracking
Weather/TemperatureDetect amount of heat in different mediums and metricsThermometers, resistant temperature detectors, thermocouples, infrared thermometersWater access; water treatment; agriculture; emer- gency preparedness; land management
Acoustic/Sound/VibrationDetect decibel level sound or seismic disturbancesSeismography, firearm sensors, commercial securityEmergency preparedness; illegal activity tracking
Flex/Force/Pressure/LoadDetect force(s) being exerted against devicePressure monitors, capacitive transducers, piezoresistive sensors, strain gaugesNatural resource management
Chemical/Gas/ElectricDetect chemical, gas, or electrical changes in composition of substanceDC/AC electrical current sensors, voltage transducers, smart home sensors, humidity monitoringAgriculture; natural resource management; health; water treatment
Light/Imaging/Machine VisionDetect color and light shifts through digital signalingReal-time temperature monitoring (infrared)Health
Source: "Roadmap for the Emerging Internet of Things", Carre & Strauss.

Wireless sensors

Each wireless sensor has its own local data log and stores readings on-board. If there is no change to the sensor, readings are sent to VIGIL+ file-servers every 10 minutes. If there is a change to the sensor reading, the value is sent immediately.

This ensures the maximum battery life for each sensor is achieved.

Upon receipt of meaningful data changes VIGIL+ invokes the customer based emergency contact procedure 24/7.

VIGIL+ includes monitoring signal strength and battery status. This means the battery replacement procedure is achieved in an informed and simple way.

Wireless sensor monitoring

Over 70 different sensors that can be positioned anywhere up to 1,200 ft from the gateway.

Check out our comparison of wired vs wireless sensors.

VIGIL+ Ethernet and cellular gateway technology

VIGIL+ gateways come in varieties, ethernet and cellular. By using either means there is no requirement to install separate software at the customer location to achieve monitoring.

Ethernet Gateway

VIGIL+ Ethernet gateways allow wireless sensors to communicate with VIGIL+ dedicated remote file servers without the need for a PC. Simply provide power and plug the gateway into an open Ethernet network port with an internet connection. Connection is automatic providing the perfect hassle free service.

There is even a Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) option to power the Ethernet gateway directly via an Ethernet port.

Cellular Gateway

The VIGIL+ cellular gateway means wireless sensors can communicate with VIGIL+ file servers without the need for a PC. The cellular gateway has on-board backup batteries providing seamless communication for up to 24 hours if the mains power fails. This is the perfect solution for remote locations, or where an existing wired internet connection is not an option.

The cellular gateway's onboard batteries are also monitored together with battery level status to ensure users are aware when mains power has been lost and how much onboard battery life remains.

SIM monitoring

Roaming data SIMS

VIGIL+ uses roaming data SIMS in the cellular gateway locking onto the strongest signal service provider in a region. In the unlikely event a mobile network provider has an outage, the next service provider with the strongest signal is selected. The roaming data sims have over 80 mobile service providers available including EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three UK.

Check out how cellular routers are fast becoming a popular alternative to ethernet gateways.

Supported industries

VIGIL+ is ideal for wireless remote monitoring anywhere but here are just a few industry examples





Biotech & pharma


Wireless monitoring report generation

Perpetual data collection

Unlike traditional data loggers or data sampling, VIGIL+ sensor readings are held in perpetuity. This means users can study trend data for longer periods. By providing perpetual data to study means a more accurate measurement can be applied.

Users are able to continually Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control. By understanding sensor behaviour over long periods of time means predictive and preventative modelling can be deployed.

Fully managed or co-managed

Spook customers range from businesses that have already installed environmental hardware and network devices to organisations that are considering monitoring for the first time.

Either way Spook can help.