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What is fully managed?

In a nutshell we provide an end-to-end solution from procuring the most appropriate monitoring hardware and sensors through to configuration and installation. We then install OmniWatch and implement the software to harvest the sensor data, together with publishing your floor-plans and set-up your initial emergency contact procedures. Finally, we allocate you and your staff on-line user accounts to securely access the real-time web interface. Our customers benefit from our commitment to continually develop our software to ensure it is functionally rich in-line with new trends and modern technology.

Our clients are busy with many projects and seek the benefits of Spook as a specialist in our field to take care of their monitoring so they can concentrate on other pressing projects.

Our customers range from companies monitoring for the first time to those who have invested in their own monitoring solution. There are many issues when trying to do this yourself, not-withstanding deciding what is the best monitoring hardware to buy and how to install it. Inevitably, by the time installation is complete the hard bit is configuration and ensuring it is working 24/7.

What is "Software as a Service"?

OmniWatch is licenced on a subscription. Your service is centrally hosted on Spook dedicated fileservers and accessed via a secure web browser.

Server Room Environmental and Power Monitoring

OmniWatch is Spook's bespoke environmental monitoring software service, specifically designed to minimise unplanned business downtime.

Created from scratch using modern "mobile first" design, it is built upon our award winning 'Most Innovative Solution of the Year' product (CIR Business Continuity Awards).

Its purpose is to alert you, quickly and easily, to any changes that might affect the uptime of your key IT equipment.

Focus on your day-to-day business and let us manage your environmental and power monitoring.
Alarms are sent if we lose contact with any monitoring device or sensor.
Heartbeats are continually sent to us indicating all is well. We will let you know if they are not received.
Increase your monitoring solution if your IT footprint grows or you wish to add additional sites.
All data is sent to our fileservers via HTTPS. All users browse via HTTPS (SSL).
server room monitoring
Working with you

The process starts with a conversation with one of our specialists. We gather as much information as possible and consider any vulnerabilities or any potential future changes to server room foot-print. Together we can discuss any previous environmental issues and understand what you are trying to achieve.

  • Advice is free of charge and without obligation.
  • We take into consideration any existing environmental issues or concerns.
  • We recommend the best monitoring hardware suited to your needs.
  • We consider any existing monitoring solution you may have already invested in to see if it can be integrated.

server room monitoring
Intelligent communications

Manage your staff availability to handle critical alerts with our dynamic 'On-Call Rota' functionality. OmniWatch’s intelligent communications keeps your team informed as to who is managing the alert.

There are 3 stages to the alerting process:

  • Stage 1 All Alerts are sent via email
  • Stage 2 If there is no response any 'Critical' alarms are sent via 2-way SMS
  • Stage 3 If there is still no response; the 'Critical' alert is escalated to our 24/7 UK based Call-Centre

server room monitoring
Generate reports and track trends

‘One-click’ access to all your historical sensor readings. Filter and compare specific sensors and time frames for audit-led activities and incident reports.

  • Incident post-mortem.
  • Accurately measure environmental KPI’s.
  • Calculate real-time data centre efficiencies such as DCiE and PUE.
  • Monitor changing conditions as your server room foot-print evolves.
  • Measure key power metrics such as Amps, Volts, kWh and kWh costs.

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