Why monitor?

With no monitoring system in place, any out of line condition could escalate into a serious ‘business threatening’ situation. This is particularly true out of hours. Therefore it's important that some form of IT monitoring should be employed by all organisations that have IT equipment vital to their business.

Measurement is key

Measuring key environmental and power metrics at IT rack level is important. As well as keeping a permanent eye on temperature levels, OmniWatch also provides an un-cluttered real-time graphical display of the power metrics of each Power Distribution Unit (PDU) so users can ensure available power phases are balanced and within load limits.

A watchful eye

IT areas are at the very heart of a business and are susceptible to physical intrusion. With reliable surveillance a permanent eye can be kept on what's happening, whether it's approved visitor activity or unwelcome intruder access.

Innovative solutions

Installed in over 250 locations world wide

As past winners of the "Most Innovative Solution" at the CIR Business Continuity Awards, Spook remains committed to continued development of our leading web-based monitoring service, OmniWatch.

All OmniWatch software development is performed in-house in the UK. The software is compatible with equipment from over forty manufacturers and continues to grow in line with Spook enhancements and customer suggestions. This approach not only lets customers monitor both new and legacy equipment side by side, it also provides reassurance that that they are investing in a forward-looking future-proof solution.

"We are extremely pleased with our Spook solution and the quality of customer service provided to us. Spook alerts have been tremendously beneficial and have saved our business from serious consequences on a couple of occasions. The new OmniWatch web interface is user friendly and provides a vast amount of information. We are glad we chose this monitoring solution."

STM Fidecs - One of the most prominent fiduciary businesses in Gibraltar

Spook - An excellent fit for any business

Sectors benefitting from Spook services

Case Studies

How Spook helps

Endsleigh Insurance monitoring case study
Endsleigh Insurance fully managed solution using "Geist Watchdog" monitors

Spook provided hardware:
Geist Watchdog 1200s x2 total 44 sensors.

 Financial Express monitoring case study
Financial Express co-managed solution using "The Climate" monitors

Client provided hardware:
The Climate CM10s x2 and Emerson UPSs x3 total 82 sensors.

Olympia London eForce monitoring case study
Olympia London co-managed solution using "Jacarta interSeptor" monitors

Client provided hardware:
Jacarta interSeptor x2 and interSeptor Pro x1 total 20 sensors.

Bespoke Solutions

OmniWatch monitoring and SpookCam surveillance

Environmental, Power and 3rd Party Equipment Monitoring

With its secure cloud-based dashboard, OmniWatch graphically displays critical environmental and power related data from various sources - all in one convenient place. This can include sensor conditions and metrics from both network-attached and non network-attached equipment.

Secure cloud access to the dashboard is available from any internet enabled device.

Affordable and scalable for any size of installation, from a single server rack to multiple data centres.

OmniWatch server room and data centre environmental monitoring
SpookCam server room and data centre video surveillance

Video Surveillance

Although the majority of Spook customers already have building based surveillance systems installed, some elect to complement this with a separate IP based video system specific to the areas of concern, typically data centres and communications rooms etc. Camera image thumbnails of all configured IP cameras are viewable on the OmniWatch dashboard and a hyperlink provides easy access to individual cameras.

Whether surveillance is required to monitor entry doors, particular rack aisles or to focus on specific equipment, OmniWatch presents this on a single, easy to use, dashboard.

Latest News

Keep up to date with all the updates and changes from Spook as well as the environmental and power monitoring world.

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