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Spook's customers are perhaps the most loyal in the industry. With an average contract term of 14 years and growing it's rare for a Spook customer to leave. In fact, a recent audit revealed that those that have left have done so for factors outside their control.

It's true that monitoring requirements do change over time. As IT departments evolve sometimes on-site IT moves off-site for example when co-location services or cloud services are adopted. This may reduce the original monitoring requirement but it does not exclude it.

In Spook's experience the remaining on-site communication hubs remain critical and require monitoring as businesses need to ensure continuance of secure, fast IT services to its employees and customers.

Creative industries

Spook monitors the IT environments and power resources within our server rooms in the UK and in our Sofia location in Bulgaria. By monitoring power at power strip level means we can pro-actively measure power consumption centrally and deploy informed load balancing procedures to the business. We also monitor key power metrics of our various UPS systems and water ingress via third party water panels linked to Spook’s OmniWatch monitoring service.

Creative Assembly - A multi BAFTA award winning game studio.

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Local government

Spook's secure realtime dashboard provides an easy use monitoring platform for our busy IT department. We centrally manage the various IT rooms across the Council’s campus and in three remote comms rooms in neighbouring towns. We have found Spook’s service is the most advanced, in terms of monitoring and reporting.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council - One of the UKs largest unitary authorities.

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Banking and finance

We needed a computer room monitoring application to monitor many different parameters of our computer room plus the ability to monitor via a web GUI. Crucially we needed a 24hr monitoring service that would provide real-time alerting. We always felt relying on technology to contact us was flawed but with Spook they have developed an excellent tiered approach that means we are contacted even if emails and SMS message fail.

Nordea Bank - The largest Nordic financial services group.

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Travel and logistics

Spook is installed and monitors multiple Nisa server rooms around the head office campus and in three distribution locations in the UK. We have always found dealing with Spook to be easy and straightforward. They are specialists in monitoring. Spook continually keeps us updated on all new developments and functionality, ensuring we maximise the delivery of our IT services to the business.

Nisa Retail - Online Innovation of the Year winner.

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Food and beverages

We run our IT infrastructure spread over five buildings with multiple server rooms and comms closets. Spook lets us monitor the environment in each of these rooms with a central dashboard. We can be confident that we'll be alerted if anything goes wrong, from leaking air-conditioning units to power failures. We can rest easy knowing that it’s always being watched, and concentrate on other IT projects our business relies on.

Refresco - The worlds largest bottler of beverages.

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Professional healthcare

We genuinely appreciate the excellent level service and support we get from the Spook team in protecting our IT. Perfect. It is nice to deal with a provider that actually cares about their own business. It’s nice to have it all in one place, with a system and a supplier we can trust. Over this weekend we were alerted to temperature fluctuations in our data centre and we were able to deal with air conditioning issues long before they became a real problem.

Henry Schein - A Fortune 500 Worlds Most Admired Company.

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Manufacturing and engineering

Spook has provided environmental monitoring for our data centre to us for a number of years now. During this time their service has been excellent. We have peace of mind knowing that all the essential IT and communications infrastructure is being monitored 24/7. Spook’s service is efficient and cost effective and deemed as an important and natural extension to our busy IT department.

Siemens - The largest Industrial Manufacturer in Europe.

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Property and real estate

Spook provides instant, clear notification of infrastructure failures allowing rapid interventions to prevent costly outages. Capita’s various monitored locations are centrally managed by our on-site 24/7 NOC in Kent. Our knowledge that our Data Centres are constantly being monitored for critical power and environmental conditions by Spook provides real peace of mind to our team of specialists.

Capita -

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Leisure and entertainment

We could have added ourselves to the UPS communications module for emails or added the UPS to Solar Winds but felt the natural custodians to manage this were Spook. We now have clear, easy to view real-time UPS metrics on view in the IT department. We have this permanently displayed on one screen in the IT department. However being a cloud-based service we also have easy access to this from any smart device wherever we might be.

Olympia London - London's most prestigious exhibition venue.

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Information technology

Capita has had a close working relationship with Spook from their inception in 2003. Capita and Spook have worked closely with each other over the years which has helped Spook develop OmniWatch’s key functionality around Capita’s changing needs for a modern, technology based environmental monitoring solution in our data centres. Having Spook monitoring our machine rooms and infrastructure is a key component in managing our sites. By developing functionality around actual end user requests means Spook’s service remains fresh, intuitive and most importantly, useful.

Capita - International business process outsourcing.

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Hotels and restaurants

We have two server rooms in separate parts of Jersey. With Spook we can check the operating environment of both locations easily. As the rooms are located away from the IT department, we rest assured knowing we will be contacted for any key changes that may impact the uptime of our business 24/7 giving us valuable early warnings before they become problems.

Liberation Group - Channel Islands leading pub & restaurant group.

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Information services

We originally purchased monitoring hardware and undertook to set it up ourselves. This we achieved, eventually, however it was far more time consuming than we had anticipated. The resource commitment to install these while maintaining other key projects to the business was deceiving, it took a lot longer than originally thought. We use Spook to achieve a joined-up monitoring solution for our Woking and London data centres.

Financial Express - UKs leading investment ratings & research agency.

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Insurance and assurance

With the implementation of Spooks OmniWatch monitoring system, Endsleigh IT and Facilities teams can concentrate on running and supporting the business without worrying about our critical IT Data Centres. These are monitored around the clock by Spook ensuring the key environmental and power metrics from our IT infrastructure are checked for any changes that, if go unnoticed, may cause unplanned business downtime.

Endsleigh Insurance - Recommended by the National Union of Students.

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Wealth management

We are extremely pleased with our Spook solution and the quality of customer service provided to us. We have a small, but critical, server room. Spook alerts have been tremendously beneficial and have saved our business from serious consequences on various occasions. The new OmniWatch web interface is user friendly and provides a vast amount of information.

STM - A prominent fiduciary businesses in Gibraltar.

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Legal and employment

We have a network of offices across the UK, each with their own IT server rooms. We rely on Spook to monitor these rooms seamlessly and easily and present a global view to our IT team located at our headquarters in Guildford, Surrey. Spook provides a joined-up monitoring solution and is now our preferred monitoring service provider for all our locations Nationwide.

The University of Law - Educating Britains top lawyers for over a century.

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