Bulk remote power monitoring

OmniWatch enterprise centric cloud based power monitoring

IT departments face ever increasing pressure to ensure continuance of IT services to its business, users and customers alike.

Key to maximising IT uptime is understanding server room power consumption.

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Secure cloud based power monitoring

By monitoring power consumption an organisation can implement informed load balancing procedures to prevent power overloads and protect service outages due to loss off power.

It is also useful to understand the cost associated with providing power to a business as a whole or to departments or even end users.

When monitoring high numbers of PDUs (Power Distribution Units) it’s important to be able to swiftly identify individual or clusters of power strips. With OmniWatch this is achieved by a global search function. Regional or departmental identification can be overlaid with localised search options too.

In short Spook makes interpreting bulk data meaningful, intuitive and incredibly easy.

Power monitoring functionality within OmniWatch

Generator monitoring

Generator monitoring

Generators provide a continuous stream of voltage power without the peaks and dips of other devices, thus helping to regulate fluctuations. They are designed for continual use.

Any organisation that controls mission critical applications can benefit from having a generator available as a reliable power source.

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PDU socket monitoring

Power distribution unit (PDU) monitoring

The key to maximising IT uptime is understanding server room power consumption.

By monitoring power consumption at PDU level an organisation can implement informed load balancing procedures to prevent power overloads and protect service outages due to loss off power.

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PUE and DCiE monitoring

PUE and DCiE monitoring

OmniWatch provides data center managers with is an early warning system to avoid unplanned IT downtime and to present trend analysis tools to achieve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), enhance efficiency gains, make informed decisions for power load balancing and assist planned preventative maintenance programs.

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UPS monitoring

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) monitoring

UPSs are put in place to protect attached equipment, condition the incoming power to reduce sags and surges and to also supply a short term solution during loss of power.

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24/7 monitoring and alerting with customisable contact details and rotas

Alerting service More about alerting

Accurate alarm procedures are key to minimising potential disruption when something goes wrong. An organisation often has different teams or even departments for global, regional or departmental alarms. The dynamic calendar function of OmniWatch provides a flexible and easy to implement solution.

User defined alarms are handled by automatic e-mail and 2-way SMS. These can be escalated to Spook's UK Call Centre providing an extra level of certainty should mobile phones be switched to silent, out of signal or lost.

Spook call centre agents contact staff on alternative mobile and landline numbers to ensure safe receipt of the alert.

Bulk data collection and seamless power management with support for all modern protocols.

The benefits of monitoring power metrics centrally across an array of different equipment manufacturers is easy to illustrate. Change management procedures can be broadcast swiftly over multiple protocols and older, legacy power power strips, can be given a new lease of life thus ensuring the initial investment in hardware is maximised.

Without central management even the smallest of reconfigurations such as amending the on-board emergency contact procedures can take hours. OmniWatch provides real-time secure cloud based dashboards in order to manage hundreds of devices easily and intuitively.

The key to providing seamless bulk power monitoring is to make monitoring simple and available all in one place irrespective of the many different equipment manufacturers, models or equipment types.

That's why Spook's OmniWatch is designed to collect data across the facility using multiple protocols such as SNMP, Modbus, BACnet, XML and JSON.

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Perpetual data storage for trend analysis, load balance planning and efficiency impact tracking

Spook recognises that power readings and their associated trend data is a valuable management commodity. By storing the power consumption data perpetually means measuring efficiency gains, load-balancing and long-term trend analysis is accurate. Not only can patterns in power spikes be identified together with their regularity but identification of spare power known as stranded power is simple.

The amount of stranded power obviously varies per PDU and may only be a small amount but when extrapolated across hundreds of power strips this figure can be considerable. By tapping into this valuable resource means an organisation can confidently maximise power consumption at rack level before having to invest in additional data centre expansion.

However it is important to understand the stressed power requirement of a power strip; this being the total power requirement when all attached equipment is set to maximum consumption, before utilising stranded power.

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