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Water ingress monitoring

Often a water problem can be festering for some time underneath a raised floor or above a false ceiling. Early detection gives enough lead time to prevent a major shut down.

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The importance of water ingress monitoring

Pipes can burst and air conditioning units and cooling systems can leak from a failed condensation pump, broken supply lines or clogged drains. Sprinkler systems can malfunction too.

Proper placement of water sensors is key. Water tends to puddle at the lowest point of the floor and underneath pipe junctions and air conditioning units. Should a water sensor be placed too high it won’t trigger an alarm until after a serious flood has occurred.

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Wireless water monitoring

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

We have noticed we are at the mercy of unusual weather patterns. Over recent years it is not unusual for the town to suffer deluges from periods of heavy rain. We have a series on IT rooms within the town hall that unfortunately have ducts and a specific area on the campus near to one of our data centres that does flood.

We have installed water sensors in each of these areas in order to keep an eye on matters as well as monitoring the key areas in the various data centres and server rooms. OmniWatch reliably alerts us when these awkward non IT areas are nearing a level that may cause us problems.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council - One of the UK's largest unitary authorities.

Pure water does not conduct electricity because because of its lack of free electrons and therefore it does not contain ions (Ions are formed when atoms lose or gain electrons). For water conductivity to be viable the water needs to contain ions.

Stephen Gray an English astronomer and dyer studied electrical conduction and was the first person to discover that electricity can flow through wires. Up until his work, published in 1729, all other studies into electricity focussed on the generation of static electrical charges. Thanks to his contribution the study of how water conducts electricity could be made. However, it's taken nearly two hundred years for scientists to witness exactly how this happens.

As impure water has positive and negative ions contained within it in, positive ions are attracted to a negative pole and vice versa. As the ions are attracted to each pole a short circuit is induced and this is a fundamental process for developing water detection sensors.

Stephen Gray received the first 'Copley Medal' instituted by the Royal Society, in 1731. However most of his works went unacknowledged and he died as a pauper.

The Copley Medal was created following a donation of £100 to be used for carrying out experiments by Sir David copley and has been awarded most years since Stephen Grays first win; he in-fact won it again in 1732.

Other notable winners the Copley Medal were: Benjamin Franklin (1753), James Cook (1776), William Herschel (1761), Michael Faraday (1832 & 1838), John Herschel (1847), Charles Darwin (1864), Albert Einstein (1925), Francis Crick (1975), John Maynard Smith (1999), Stephen Hawking (2006) and Peter Higgs (2015).

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Water ingress

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