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Public utility monitoring service

Empowering energy managers to gain energy efficiency and achieve lower energy costs.

Gaining energy efficiency is different to simply swapping energy suppliers

Comparing the starting energy measurement to realtime utilisation and tracking it over time is key to reducing consumption and saving money. This also helps net zero and green initiatives.

Energy managers can save their organisation money by reducing energy costs. Spook's public utility/energy monitoring service is designed with a bundle of wireless sensors to achieve this.

Once organisations understand their grid level energy provision they can introduce granular energy consumption monitoring too. This is achieved by installing appropriate sensors to equipment and locations within the facility; and adding any existing monitoring already available on an organisations assets.

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Spook's award winning remote monitoring service called OmniWatch monitors public utility services.

Typical beneficiaries in public utility monitoring is within HVAC whereby up to 30% reduction in costs can be found. However, OmniWatch achieves much more than reducing cooling costs.

Complimentary sensors can be instrumental in an organisation becoming self-aware of any instances that could cause unplanned downtime and also be helpful in increasing employee productivity.

Spook and OmniWatch was voted Specialist Technology Company of the Year and Most Innovative Solution of the Year at the annual UK CIR Business Continuity Awards.


Measuring consumables from public utility companies across many different service providers meters; OmniWatch presents realtime usage in easy to use, secure, online digital dashboards.

By installing wireless sensors to meters, realtime usage can be unlocked. Typical wireless sensors include LED flash counters, pulse counters, rotary counters and single/3 phase meters.


OmniWatch provides a suite of intuitive online tools to help visualise efficiency gains via a series of secure digital dashboards.

These include radar charts with multiple date options and individual energy monitoring such as amps and kWh.

OmniWatch collects energy usage data and provides billing grade breakdowns across the whole enterprise.

Track live data usage of iPDUs and power meters.


OmniWatch readings are held in perpetuity, allowing energy managers to review, compare, plan and implement changes and illustrate their gains in automated and online reports.

Understanding energy consumption over longer periods of time also identifies any irregular power hungry applications.

Usage Difference Price
Today 7.1kWh £1.50
Yesterday 7.8kWh -8.97% £1.65
Last week 18.7kWh -62.03% £3.95
Total 33.6kWh £7.09
Example kWh daily usage comparison for an iPDU.

Cost calculator

kWh usage reading

Enter the total kWh usage for the time period


Energy cost

Enter in the unit cost per kWh in pence


Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)

OmniWatch is an extremely cost efficient monitoring solution.

Because Spook's public utility monitoring bundle uses wireless sensors and cellular gateways there is no need to install heavy duty infrastructure in order to achieve a total monitoring solution.

The ROI is rapid and usually within a few months and the installation is "process light".


OmniWatch is protocol neutral and works with all the major BEMS manufacturers.

Any organisations that already have a BEMS (Building Energy Management System), OmniWatch is able to passively monitor any sensors and present them in a modern and intuitive way.


OmniWatch alerts can be applied to any monitored sensors.

Spook's industry leading three-tier alarm escalation procedure is invoked using auto-email, SMS and ultimately via Spook's UK based call centre.

Read more.


Monitored readings can be allocated a reminder status.

Reminders are a perfect way to ensure any time based duty cycles for assets are maintained or any manual checking processes; such as a member of staff tasked with turning off/on electrical equipment, is applied.

Spook customer examples

Here are a few illustrations of Spook customers who monitor their ICT using iPDUs or BEMS.

OmniWatch auto-calculates the cost savings achieved as power saving initiatives are introduced.

Local government


An average usage of ~352.66kWh with 76 iPDUs per month.

NHS Trust


An average usage of ~301.08kWh with 36 iPDUs per month.

Creative industry


An average usage of ~652.74kWh with 24 iPDUs per month.

Data centre


Total energy usage of 1207436kWh with IT equipment accounting for 58%.