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Cellular router

Spook's cellular router solution won the 2020 CIR Business Continuity Awards category of Specialist Technology Company of the Year.

Wireless monitoring

Spook's wireless monitoring solutions allow for easy monitoring in any location with instant access to data, all you need to do is turn on the sensors and you're ready to go.


Cellular technology

Cellular technology is improving quickly and being adopted as a reliable communications solution within many industries.

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Wired vs wireless sensor monitoring

Wired and wireless monitoring both have their own benefits over the other. Knowing these benefits helps to make an informed decision when considering which is best for you.

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Spook smart sensors

Spook have developed smart sensors to compliment and improve upon conventional monitoring. Smart sensors can be used to perform complex calculations or to create pseudo sensors to add additional measurements not possible with traditional monitoring solutions.

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Spook Legionella remote monitoring service

Legionnaires' disease is predicted to increase due to changes in working practices.

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