About Spook

Spook Limited (Spook) was incorporated in 2003. From day one Spook's motto has been "prevention is better than cure". We know from experience that the majority of disaster recovery invocations are based on environmental or power problems, from faulty air con units to water ingress and power outages; it’s as true today as it was back then all those years ago.

In the early years we focused on a pinch point in the market that the big business continuity players neglected, "disaster avoidance"; and our service has always been targeted towards maximising the uptime of IT departments by alerting them to real-time changes in the critical operating environment of their data centres, computer rooms and IT areas. Although this remains Spook’s predominant customer base our users now extend to many other industries.

Spook's secure, remote, cloud based monitoring service called OmniWatch is developed in house to monitor disparate customer equipment centrally. Designed to be manufacturer and equipment protocol independent, OmniWatch provides an easy to use yet powerful interface for remote monitoring.

OmniWatch is award winning and has won "The Most Innovative Product of the Year" for power monitoring at the annual CIR Business Continuity Awards and recently "Specialist Technology Company of the Year"; for our cellular monitoring solution, ensuring remote monitoring is independent of an organisations network and that a PC is not required to provide leading edge remote monitoring.

Spook's software development is led by customer feedback and requests which ensures any new features are actually useful to end users. OmniWatch is bespoke, because all of our customers have their own reasons and dynamics for monitoring.

What seems to be a common thread that is particularly appealing to our customers is that we include building their monitoring dashboard on their behalf, which releases their time and efforts to focus on other pressing projects.

For those organisations that are considering monitoring for the first time or wish to supplement their existing monitoring, we have a range of over 80 powerful, wireless sensors to choose from, all are compatible with OmniWatch.

With over 20 years of motoring experience Spook is well versed in understanding how to handle sensor readings and data and present it in an easy to use, intuitive, always on monitoring solution.

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