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Secure remote monitoring for legal firms

Used and valued by The University of Law

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The University of Law uses Spook remote monitoring across 10 Global Server Rooms. We monitor each server rooms environment and have interfaced OmniWatch to our main BMS system in our Guildford data centre.

We also benefit from monitoring UPS battery health and power metrics across the estate, with specific escalation points per site to regional staff.

Apart from being a fantastic reporting tool Omniwatch has become our remote eyes and now forms part of the daily operational procedure. Their 3-tier alerting procedure is so accurate that it is now even used to report on network outages.

We have found dealing with Spook to be easy and professional at all times.

University of Law
The largest and oldest law school in the UK.

Award winning remote monitoring specialists

OmniWatch is Spook's remote monitoring software solution. Designed to be the central repository for all things monitored; OmniWatch is the first choice of monitoring the broadest range of sensors and equipment types for The University of Law.

Out of the box

Real-time monitoring

24/7 alerting


OmniWatch is an all-in-one monitoring and alerting solution

Secure remote cloud based monitoring for all things IT and facilities related.

Taking remedial action at the early stages of an alert lets organisations contain a situation and fix it before it causes service disruption.

Complimentary sensors can be instrumental in an organisation becoming self-aware of any instances that could cause unplanned downtime and also be helpful in increasing employee productivity.

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Spook and OmniWatch was voted Specialist Technology Company of the Year and Most Innovative Solution of the Year at the annual UK CIR Business Continuity Awards.


Remotely monitoring key environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, dew point, water ingress, light levels and airflow.


Remotely monitoring key power assets including energy meters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), intelligent power distribution units (iPDUs) and diesel generators.

Additional monitoring

Air quality

Remote indoor monitoring to limit the spread of aerosol related viruses and increase staff productivity.


Spook presents a range of intelligent and non-intrusive sensors for measuring and tracking levels of CO2.


With Spook's Legionella monitoring bundle you are able to remotely monitor your Legionella risk quickly and easily 24/7.

Utility monitoring

OmniWatch empowers organisations data managers to accurately understand key consumption data across multi-platforms and equipment types.