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Spook’s ethos of “prevention is better than cure” is as important today as it was when the Spook was established in 2003. As specialists in environmental and power monitoring Spook’s flagship service called OmniWatch is chiefly deployed in data centres and IT server rooms.

It is generally well known that the majority of business disruption is caused by unplanned IT downtime. By monitoring the key environmental and power elements of IT rooms housing critical equipment means if there is an alarm, remedial action can take place to normalise matters in order to maximise business uptime.

Award Winning Monitoring

Spook won the 'Specialist Technology Company of the Year' at the industry leading CIR Business Continuity Awards 2020 in London. All software development is in-house and importantly much of any new functionality is achieved by feed-back from close customer relationships. As a result Spook service remains relevant and functionally rich.

CIR award

2020 Winner - CIR Business Continuity Awards 'Specialist Technology Company of the Year'

Real-time alarms

Spook's alarm escalation procedure is the most comprehensive in the industry. Alerts are sent in real-time via email and 2-way SMS.

The emergency alarm procedure is fully customisable and can be:


Alarms from a specific location can be directed to regional staff.

Whereas the global IT team may want to be involved or simply have access to all alerts to ensure staff are responding appropriately.


Alarms can be distributed to specific departments.

For example, high temperature alerts may need to be handled by the IT team whereas water alerts may need to be sent to the facilities department.

Dynamic on-call rotas

All alerts can be designed to vary how emergency client personnel are contacted throughout the day (e.g. specific staff in office hours and separate emergency personnel for all other times).

On-call staff members can also be managed easily by making changes to individual team members availability by a simple one click function clearly marking their record as available or not.

24/7 Call Centre escalation

If there is no confirmation of receipt for the alarm(s) they are further escalated to Spook's UK based 24/7 call centre.

An agent is tasked with calling emergency staff on alternative mobile phones and/or landlines to ensure they are aware of the alert.

Secure real-time dashboards

Customers have access to an enterprise centric solution via any internet enabled device. Multiple customer end users have their own secure web portals in order to view sensor readings and much more.

Support for mobile devices
Spook OmniWatch

Measure, analyse, improve and control

Spook streamlines monitoring to deliver an outstanding end user experience. Users are able to continually Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control; which is key to maximising business uptime or protecting valuable assets and ensuring departmental Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) are measured and met.

Collected sensor readings are a valuable asset. Unlike data loggers or data sampling on various monitoring hardware devices; whereby the oldest data is deleted while new values are added, Spook readings are held in perpetuity. Spook understands that importance of providing longer trend data periods to study in order for a more accurate measurement to be applied.

Spook customers are able to accurately measure and compare readings across different time zones and periods. Trend data reports can be generated and compared for any time frame, this is ideal to ensure accurate measurement of efficiency gains or even creating seasonal or annual trend reports to identify how changes to the general climate effect monitored areas.

In short Spook makes interpreting data meaningful, intuitive and incredibly easy to access.


Departmental and regional access

Spook's customers range from single room installations to multiple locations across national/international borders. They even include mobile monitoring for organisations that want to monitor items in transit or at temporary locations. Spook has designed a specific service for this called TRIG.

When multi-territory monitoring is required sometimes a regional manager may only need to know what is happening in their district. Whereas the global team may need an enterprise centric view across all regions and territories.

Even at local level there may be a need for different departments to be responsible for their own monitoring. For example, water ingress monitoring may be the remit of the facilities department whereas the temperature of a room or cabinet may be the responsibility of another department.

Spook real-time dashboards provide multiple portals to cater for this whilst ensuring management has a global view of everything.

Budgeting for monitoring

With Spook, budgeting for monitoring has never been easier or more affordable. The total cost of ownership (TCO) is simply an annual monitoring fee. The fee varies based on the amount of monitoring required, however by contacting Spook an accurate annual fee can usually be provided and is without obligation. There are no hidden charges. Simply contact us or request a quotation.

Monitoring Technology

Spook has been developed to monitor equipment from a multitude of hardware manufacturers. Whether there is a requirement to monitor wired climate monitoring hardware or 3rd party devices such as intelligent power strips, uninterruptible power supplies, generators, BMS systems etc.

Spook’s experience shows that the most common type of hardware is ‘wired’ for example, installed on a Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN). However, Spook services embrace cellular services too.

Wired and Wireless technology

Wired sensors are typically connected via interconnecting sensor cables. This involves considerable time and effort in labour costs during the installation and causes the monitored area to be static for the duration of its life.

Even though the market for LAN technology remains popular there is a growing trend to adopt wireless sensor technology.

Wireless technology installations are a fraction of the time to that of a wired solution. Wireless sensors can easily be repositioned as the server room evolves and changes over time.

Traditionally limiting factor for wireless sensors has been their limited battery life. However battery technology has evolved at a great pace and now wireless sensors can expect to have a battery life of up to 10 years or more.

Spook includes monitoring a wireless sensors signal strength and battery status. This means the battery replacement procedure is achieved in an informed and simple way.

Check out our comparison of wired vs wireless sensors.

Ethernet and cellular technology

Ethernet technology has been around for decades and has a well proven pedigree. However with the fairly recent development of cellular router technology means monitoring can be independent of the LAN (Local Area Network) & WAN (Wide Area Network).

Not only that, but cellular technology often has more resilience than traditional ethernet solutions as roaming data SIM cards means the strongest signal service provider is selected in a region.

In the unlikely event a mobile network provider has an outage, the next service provider with the strongest signal is selected.

Spook cellular gateways and routers can utilise roaming data SIMS that have over 80 mobile service providers available including EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three UK.

Check out how cellular routers are fast becoming a popular alternative to ethernet gateways.

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Fully managed or co-managed

Spook customers range from businesses that have already installed environmental hardware and network devices to organisations that are considering monitoring for the first time.

Either way Spook can help.