24/7 real-time monitoring and alerting.

Prevention is better than cure has been Spook's motto from day one. By installing sensors or monitoring existing equipment OmniWatch sends alarms in real-time via email, 2-way SMS and UK call centres.

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OmniWatch dashboards screen

OmniWatch's digital dashboards are secure and are immediately available 24/7. Designed to be the central repository for all things monitored, the dashboards come pre-configured in handy portals for easy navigation, reporting and alerting.

Dashboard's are bespoke and designed by Spook and with nearly two decades of experience users can relax, knowing the end result will be intuitive and easy to use.

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OmniWatch alerts screen

The main reason organisations install remote monitoring is to be alerted to unusual sensor and equipment activity.

OmniWatch has a three-tier emergency contact process. It uses familiar technology to broadcast alerts via email and 2-way SMS. However, end users are human and they can sometimes miss an email or text. In the unlikely event alerts go unnoticed they are escalated to Spook's UK call centre where agents contact emergency staff on landlines or alternative mobile numbers.

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OmniWatch reports screen

OmniWatch sensor readings are sent to Spook's servers 24/7. Unlike the majority of 3rd party hardware that use data loggers that delete readings after a short time, OmniWatch holds all readings in perpetuity. These readings are converted to trend data in OmniWatch on-demand reports.

On-demand reports come in handy bite-sized timeframes e.g. weekly, monthly etc. Users can customise a report by condensing or expanding its time-line.

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OmniWatch change logs screen

Spook understands it is important to log all changes to OmniWatch for audit purposes. As amendments are made, whether it is a sensor related field, for example changing the alarm trip value; to changing a contact related field, for example updating a mobile phone number, each is date and time stamped and is annotated with who made the change and for what reason.

Amendments can also be auto-emailed in real-time so users don't need to logon and scrutinise log files.

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OmniWatch installation plans screen

Spook designs and publishes installation plans free of charge showing the location of each sensor or piece of monitored equipment. Everything is given a unique friendly name which is referenced in any alerts, for swift fault identification. If the area that is being monitored changes, a new installation plan is published to reflect matters.

Installation plans are posted to each on-line monitored location for easy identification of monitored conditions.

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'Specialist Technology Company of the Year'
2020 Winner

CIR Business Continuity Awards

What makes us different?

Spook has specialised in remote monitoring for nearly two decades. OmniWatch is designed to monitor and alert users to business threatening events 24/7.

OmniWatch comes pre-configured for a hassle free, intuitive, immediate service. Try it for free, just contact us and we will do the rest.

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Monitor anything

Monitor anything

Being protocol independent and hardware neutral means we can monitor most things. By using a single, cohesive interface to monitor disparate equipment makes comparing sensors across multiple equipment types easy and intuitive.

Focus on monitoring

100% focus on monitoring

Everything we do is focused on monitoring, expanding hardware support and improving data visualisation. All software development is based on customer feedback making any new features meaningful and useful to users.

Bespoke service

Bespoke service

We understand you are busy and although monitoring may be important you may not have the time or appetite to spend designing how things work. We work with you to setup, customise, evolve and maintain your monitoring installation.

Data in perpetuity

Data in perpetuity

Sensor and data readings are held in perpetuity; providing accurate historical trend analysis for load balancing projects, preventative maintenance programs and protecting equipment warranties.

Are you new to monitoring or do you want to supplement your monitoring?

Spook customers range from businesses that already have monitoring to organisations that are considering monitoring for the first time. Either way Spook can help.


08 Nov 2021

Spook Christmas remote monitoring 2021

For many organisations the Christmas period is the most important time of the year for trade. It is crucial for them to ensure a 24/7 internet presence as any unintended website downtime equates to potentially thousands of pounds worth of missed business.


22 Apr 2021

Spook is listed as one of The Best Computer Companies in Surrey (2021)

Although Spook has been around for nearly two decades and is obviously not a start-up, we won the 'The most innovative product' award for 2021.


09 Dec 2020

Winners of the Specialist Technology Company of the Year

Spook is pleased to announce we are the winners of the 'Specialist Technology Company of the Year' award at the CIR Business Continuity Awards 2020.

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