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Intelligent CO2 monitoring

Spook presents a range of intelligent and non-intrusive air quality monitoring sensors for measuring and tracking air quality in institutions such as schools, hospitals or other buildings with high levels of occupancy. All sensors are managed by OmniWatch, our easy-to-use web service that ensures quick and intuitive interrogation of your installations.

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Outstanding pedigree

OmniWatch and Spook were voted Most Innovative Solution of the Year and Specialist Technology Company of the Year at the annual UK Business Continuity Awards.

Thanks to our pedigree, you are able to intelligently monitor the CO2 levels and environmental conditions of your working areas in realtime, remotely and at any time.

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Services offered


OmniWatch monitoring bundles come with all the necessary equipment to monitor the CO2 levels of your rooms. Our intelligent, non-intrusive, wireless sensors arrive pre-configured, calibrated and ready to work out-of-the-box. All you need to do is install them and switch them on.


OmniWatch is a bespoke remote, secure web-based service and is tailored to your requirements and made available to you so that you can monitor the condition of your premises in realtime.


Spook works with you in advance of sending the sensors and gateways. Everything is preconfigured and ready to use for a hassle free installation.

Our support team work with you whilst you install the equipment and are there for your assistance for the lifetime of your service at no extra charge.

A typical air quality sensor measures

Fast and accurate tracking

Thanks to OmniWatch, you can consult data and sensor readings at any time and from any device connected to the internet.

The sensor readings are automatically updated in realtime and alerts are sent to your key staff via email, SMS and UK call centre, making any areas that require attention known to you subtly and in confidence.

To understand more how we handle alerts go here.

Personalised management

OmniWatch includes installation plans of your monitored areas clearly identifying where sensors are installed.

These help you and your staff to navigate through your premises to the source of an alert in a clear and intuitive way.

Included equipment

Air quality sensors

  • Nondispersive infrared sensor (NDIR)
  • E-ink display screen to show the sensor values on the actual unit itself
  • LED traffic light function
  • Buzzer alarm function
  • Wall mounted
  • Powered by AA standard batteries (x2)

LTE and LoRaWAN internet gateways

Spook recommended gateways come with ethernet and cellular connectivity as standard.

Gateways reside in appropriate locations around the building - dictated by the spread of sensors.

Sensor data is transmitted over the ethernet network with a cellular backhaul and is encrypted end to end and is sent to Spook's OmniWatch servers.

Gateways can be set to cellular operation as priority, ensuring monitoring is independent of the corporate network.