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Cellular monitoring

Keeping remote monitoring secure and independent.

Cellular technology is improving quickly and being adopted as a reliable communications solution within many industries.

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Cellular gateway

Award winning remote monitoring solution

Spook's cellular router solution won the CIR Business Continuity Awards category of Specialist Technology Company of the Year.

Unlike a standard router that accesses the internet through a cable, a cellular router enables you to get internet access through a cellular data network.

This is perfect for keeping remote monitoring independent of a customers ethernet network or for areas where broadband is not an option.

Improved technology

Since the development of 2G technology back in the 1990's the mobile communications marketplace has developed at an ever increasing pace.

3G was introduced in 2003 and 4G superseded this in 2012 which gave the same benefits of 3G but at a much greater speed.

We now enter the realms of 5G technology which is set to revolutionise how we approach communications and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Latency time for cellular communication

Network type Milliseconds (ms)
3G 60ms (actual)*
4G 50ms (actual)*
5G 1ms (theoretical)

*Average UK latency according to Ofcom research conducted in late 2017.

Data resilience

By only using data sims the signal required to transmit readings to Spook's remote cloud servers can be surprisingly weak.

For areas where there is no mobile signal external aerials can be added or the cellular router can be installed anywhere within a customers facility where signal may be achieved.


Spook cellular routers reboot and hunt for the strongest signal in the area every 24 hours so if a new mobile service provider pops up in the vicinity with a stronger signal, it is selected automatically.

Also, if the current mobile service provider has a sudden loss of service Spook has designed a handy feature to auto-hunt for an alternative service provider within ten minutes of signal loss.

SIM features

Data roaming
Data roaming

Each SIM is configured to work on all major cellular networks.

Full LTE support
Full LTE support

SIMs are capable of utilising 4G, 3G and 2G to ensure there is always a strong signal.

Price included
Price included

SIM data charges are already included in Spook's pricing model. No hidden surprises.

Try before you buy

Spook can provide a loan cellular router to try before you decide to buy one. This ensures the cellular router proves its ability to work before you buy it.

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