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Cellular technology

Cellular technology is improving quickly and being adopted as a reliable communications solution within many industries.


Since the development of 2G technology back in the 1990's the mobile communications marketplace has developed at an ever increasing pace. 3G was introduced in 2003 and 4G superseded this in 2012 which gave the same benefits of 3G but at a much greater speed.

We now enter the realms of 5G technology which is set to revolutionise how we approach communications and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Latency time for cellular communication

Network type Milliseconds (ms)
3G 60ms (actual)*
4G 50ms (actual)*
5G 1ms (theoretical)

*Average UK latency according to Ofcom research conducted in late 2017.

Cellular sims

SIM technology

SIM (Subscriber Identity/Identification Module) cards have also developed at an amazing rate. SIMS were originally designed for the voice communications of a specific mobile phone operator.

However, SIMS have now been designed for use in the data industry and can be confined to carrying simple packets of data. This helps limit costs and is ideal for use in today’s modern world of the IoT.

Data resilience

Data roaming is now a thing we are all used to and the latest range of Cellular Routers cater for seamless data roaming. This means locking to the mobile service operator with the strongest signal to carry the data communication. Cellular routers carry multiple mobile service providers as standard and Spook uses a manufacturer that has over 80 service providers under the bonnet including O2, Vodafone, EE and Three UK.

Spook set the search for the strongest mobile signal in the area every 24 hours so if a new provider pops up in the vicinity with a stronger signal, it is selected automatically.

Cellular network operators
Cellular gateways


By being able to select alternative service providers based on signal strength, in the unlikely event a mobile signal is lost in an area, the next best signal is selected.

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