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Spook wireless sensors

A full range of wireless sensors for every monitoring scenario

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Wireless sensors

Spook works with any proprietary wireless sensor manufacturer and with LoRaWAN sensors for the IoT. We are resellers for a full range of sensor manufacturers and sensor types so if you need advice or help, simply contact us for a free and non-obligatory chat.

Spook wireless sensors arrive pre-configured and calibrated and have on-board on/off switches making installation very easy. Just install the sensor and switch it on for instant access to OmniWatch, via any internet enabled device.

Here are some of the most popular sensor types:

Out of the box

Out of the box





Batteries included

Batteries included


Air quality

Accelerometers and vibration

Alternating current (AC)

Boundary and IR

Button press

Dew point

Dry contact

Food probe

Gas monitoring



Motion monitoring


Pressure monitoring

Propane levels


3 phase current

Volt direct current (VDC)

Water ingress

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Please contact us if you wish for further information on how Spook can help with your environmental and power monitoring needs.

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