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Spook Christmas remote monitoring 2021

This year Christmas and New Years day fall upon consecutive weekends. The various bank holidays happen during the working week. When you factor in likely staff vacations means a typical server room this year will be left unattended for a straight 12 days, that's a staggering 264 hours.

The 12 days of Christmas

Christmas remote monitoring

For many organisations the Christmas period is the most important time of the year for trade. It is crucial for them to ensure a 24/7 internet presence as any unintended website downtime equates to potentially thousands of pounds worth of missed business.

Fragile customer loyalty

We have come to expect access to our favourite websites whenever we are ready to spend our hard earned cash. When we find the online shops we want are offline, we browse to find alternatives, that's why it is important to maximise the uptime of the IT systems that support your business.

The 12 days of Christmas

This year Christmas and New Years day fall upon consecutive weekends. The various bank holidays happen during the working week. When you factor in likely staff vacations means a typical server room this year will be left unattended for a straight 12 days, that's a staggering 264 hours.

Spook OmniWatch remote monitoring - 24/7 alerting

Spook OmniWatch users can relax, knowing Spook is monitoring the key areas and equipment that are crucial to supporting IT uptime. By knowing there is a problem before it impacts the safe operating of IT systems provides valuable thinking and reaction time to ensure the issue can be managed.

We rely on Spook to monitor our various IT rooms across the UK and Europe. As with many busy IT departments our team are only human so emails and SMS messages are good for the most part but can easily go missed overnight.

That's where Spook's 24/7 call centre escalation proves invaluable, they will call a list of our on-call staff to ensure we are aware of the alarm and even acknowledge the alarm on our behalf, letting our team know who is handling the problem. Perfect.

Henry Schein, a Fortune 500 Company

Alerting service

24/7 real-time monitoring and alerting.

More about alerting

Winter alarms

In Spook's experience, just because it's winter doesn't mean server rooms will be free from events that could easily boil over to unplanned IT downtime.

Last year is a good example. During the three months commencing December 2020 Spook handled 2,274 customer alarms.

Illustrated below are just a few that, if went unnoticed, would have caused unplanned IT downtime.

High temperature alarms

01/01/2021: High Temperature Alarms (UK)

It doesn't take long for a critical climate incident to be recorded on Spook's Remote Cloud Based Monitoring Service.

At 38 minutes into the New Year a long standing NHS trust customer received a series of temperature alerts for their server room racks.

Their air conditioning unit suffered a catastrophic failure. They were extremely grateful to Spook for alerting them to the incident as it happened, and for Spook following up matters in a series of helpful telephone calls and a summary report for future reference.

04/01/2021: Mains Power Outage (UK)

With only a few days into the New Year's working week a longstanding Spook customer in world wide logistics had a major power failure.

With the IT department now committed to remote working they were hugely relieved they subscribe to Spook's award winning secure remote cloud based monitoring service, OmniWatch.

Within minutes they deployed emergency staff onsite to deal with the issue to ensure their 24/7 business was not effected.

17/01/2021: High temperature due to frozen AC units (Poland)

It just goes to show how quickly server rooms can cook even when the temperature outside is -20°C.

A leading global health care distributer (a top Fortune 500 Company) who has been a customer of Spook for 20 years suffered a series of high temperature alerts in their server room early in the morning on Saturday. It was -20°C outside and the AC units simply froze.

They were tremendously grateful for the Spook alerts, even though extreme weather was the fault. They were able to keep an eye remotely on core IT equipment until they could get staff to the location to fix the problem.

Their management team are able to analyse what happened with Spook's unique temperature alert report and have agreed operational procedures for this type of event in the future.

'Specialist Technology Company of the Year'
2020 Winner

CIR Business Continuity Awards

Spook pedigree

Spook was incorporated in 2003. From day one Spook's motto has been "prevention is better than cure". Spook knows from experience that the majority of disaster recovery invocations are based on environmental or power problems, from faulty air conditioning units to water ingress and power outages; it's as true today as it was back then all those years ago.

Spook's secure, remote, cloud based monitoring service called OmniWatch is developed in house to monitor disparate customer equipment centrally. Designed to be manufacturer and equipment protocol independent, OmniWatch provides an easy to use yet powerful interface for remote monitoring and for early warnings to events that could cause unplanned business outages.

OmniWatch is award winning and has won "The Most Innovative Product of the Year" and "Specialist Technology Company of the Year” at the annual CIR Business Continuity Awards.

Spook Christmas monitoring bundle

Anyone new to remote monitoring can order a monitoring bundle in time for Christmas. Spook's hardware and sensors come pre-configured for a hassle free installation. Simply connect the wireless gateway and switch on the sensors after you have placed them in situ for immediate 24/7 remote monitoring.

Spook gateways come with a cellular backup with a pre-installed data roaming SIM at no extra cost for SIM provision or usage.

Simply select the sensors you want and we will do the rest.

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Mains power

Mains power

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AC units

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