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Spook Smart Plug


Spook SmartPlug

SIM based remote power control

Real-time alerts
Remote power commands

Perfect for:

  • Multiple locations
  • Secure buildings, rooms and zones
  • Hard to reach areas
  • Duty cycle power management

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  • Power Off
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  • Power On
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  • Power cycle
Spook Smart Plug

Power outage alerts

Spook SmartPlug lets you know the status of incoming power to any socket.

With instant power loss alerts, you and your staff are contacted immediately by invoking Spook's award winning 3 tier remote alarm escalation process.

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Instant notification of power loss lets you know there is a potential problem before it turns into a disaster.


Supports UK, EU and US plug types. Accessed via any secure internet connection.


SIM based and only accessible via authorised OmniWatch users.


Delivered fully configured and OmniWatch ready including SIM setup.

Rapid ROI

Saves time and money from unnecessary site visits. Most issues resolved by remote reboot.


No formal training required. Simple command buttons for power on, power off and power cycle.


Our head office ICT team supports our data centre in Cardiff and our many remote branches throughout Wales. Each branch has a local broadband router to provide internet services to our regional staff and customers.

We needed to ensure we know the power to each device is sound and Spook SmartPlug does this for us. Should a reboot be required, we can now do this centrally via OmniWatch.

Spook SmartPlug saves us valuable time and effort ensuring internet services are maximised to each branch at all times.

Centrally manage using OmniWatch secure digital dashboards


UK single extension

UK to C13 adapter

C14 to UK adapter

UK to C19 adapter

C20 to UK adapter

And more

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